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St. Anthony Vigil & Chaplet Service - June 13-21
St. Anthony Vigil & Chaplet Service - June 13-21
St. Anthony Vigil & Chaplet Service - June 13-21
St. Anthony Vigil & Chaplet Service - June 13-21

St. Anthony Vigil & Chaplet Service - June 13-21

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Have a light set on my St. Anthony altar with your petition or prayer in a community novena and chaplet prayer service beginning on June 13th

I will begin a nine-day novena and chaplet recitation to St. Anthony on this same day. Your petition/intention will be included daily in my novena and chaplet work and offerings of bread, water, wine, flowers, and incense.

After the conclusion of the novena service, each participant will receive a "cured" St. Anthony holy card that was prayed over daily during the service. 

St. Anthony earned his reputation for finding lost things because he once lost his Bible (or psalter, or it was stolen, depending on which source you read), and the devil himself made the thief give it back (because Anthony lamented about it so much that the devil couldn’t stand it anymore, or because Anthony was so powerful in prayer, depending on which version you read). 

He’s also petitioned for these reasons:

  • to return lost people (including lovers)
  • to find someone a spouse or committed partner
  • to reconcile a separated couple
  • as the patron of orphans, sick children, and children in general
  • as the patron of glaziers, the poor, travelers, prisoners, and pregnant women

Legend has it he’s protected petitioners against shipwreck, cured cases of epilepsy and Live Things in You (Hyatt v. 4 #6658), and reattached a severed foot.

Matter of fact, I think if you took a survey of devotees of St. Anthony, you’d likely find he gets petitioned for just about everything at least sometimes. So he’s a busy fellow, but he has a great reputation for working wonders and is a kind, sympathetic saint. This snippet from the Miraculous Responsory of St. Anthony, aka Si quaeris miracula, illustrates just how broad a fanbase he has and how much range there is in his intercessory skill set:

The sea obeys, and fetters break,
And lifeless limbs thou dost restore
Whilst treasure lost are found again,
When young and old thine aid implore.

This service could also be an opportunity to thank him for favors previously granted or to "introduce yourself" if you haven't worked with him before and would like to begin.

Read lots more about St. Anthony, his life, his history, how he's petitioned in various regions even today, and how to work with him yourself in the article "Working With St. Anthony: Theories, Resources, and FAQs" at Big Lucky Hoodoo.

Lights will be set on Thursday June 13. There is some wiggle room and you can join up after the work starts as long as you see that there are still spots left and it doesn't say "sold out."

Please note that community altar work services do not come with individual readings/reports, though I will post at least one photo of the work to the Discord "forum" for clients, which you'll receive an invitation to after you book.


Vigil light setting service - Have lights burning 24/7 for the duration of the service (usually two back to back novena candles). Cured holy card shipped after service.

Offertory light setting service - Have a fixed, dressed, blessed offertory light set each day of the service. These burn for about two hours. Cured holy card shipped after service.

Communal lamp service - Have your petition paper added to a communal oil lamp lit daily at the commencement of my hands-on time at the altar and burned until the oil runs out (about an hour). Cured holy card shipped after service.


Your booking of this service indicates your understanding of the Client Agreement and acceptance of the Terms of Service.

Please read them before booking. 

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