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Triple Hand Gambling Mojo Bag - Regular or Upgraded
Triple Hand Gambling Mojo Bag - Regular or Upgraded

Triple Hand Gambling Mojo Bag - Regular or Upgraded

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This Triple Hand mojo contains three powerful hand-related curios prized for generations by those looking for a little extra luck in games of chance, including a rabbit foot and an alligator paw. Also includes such traditional money luck curios as a pocket-sized lodestone and a shiny chunk of pyrite.

The bags themselves are handmade here in cotton flannel, and then the customized mojo bag is prepared, fixed, and dressed on my altars per your specific requests/petitions. I make these in the authentic rural Southern-style rootwork tradition, with many of the herbs and curios that go into them coming from my own land or as locally as possible.

Comes with a bottle of dressing oil plus care and feeding instructions.

After you check out, you need to provide your customization details through the mojo, paket, and pendant intake form.

I usually tie bags permanently unless I am asked to leave them temporarily tied, but I find that this type of mojo, focusing as it does on "luck in all your five fingers can do," often works best if the individual larger curios inside are dressed instead of just dressing the outside of the tied bag. So for instance, I've had customers open up their bags and dress their Lucky Hand Roots with Five Finger Grass oil or Fast Luck oil, depending on what type of gambling they were doing.

It's not mandatory that you do this, but I do recommend you give it a try, and that way you can add a personal concern to it, as well. (I recommend a nail clipping from your dominant hand - the left hand if you're left handed, etc).

Optional Upgrade: Black Cat Bone

Do you need to protect yourself from the negativity, jealousy, and deviousness of others because you'll be gambling where all eyes are on you? Is somebody trying to cross up your gambling luck or insinuate themselves into your space to try to benefit from your winnings?

This upgrade adds a separate, distinct element of protection to your Triple Hand Gambling Mojo with the addition of a genuine black cat bone, fixed, and dressed with herbs, powders, and oils to help deflect the hot gaze, the sneaky whispers, and the designs on your money, to help you protect what you already have, keep hold of what you get, and dodge unwanted grief, attention, and interference people send your way.

No, the black cat bone will not really make you invisible like in Harry Potter. But it's said to help make it harder for others to sustain their concentrated focus on you and to help get them focusing on somebody/something else instead, so they kind of lose sight of why they were so interested in you to begin with.

In addition, the black cat bone has long been held a powerful gambling curio all by itself, even without the use of other ingredients tied up with it in a mojo bag. So the multivalent black cat bone is doing multiple jobs here, but that's ok, because it can totally handle it. Read more about black cat bones in general and how I personally get and use them at this blog post.

Bone will vary depending on supply and your petition/intention, but is usually a smaller bone like a foot or tail bone or a vertebra so it will fit into your mojo bag along with everything else (and the "everything else" takes up rather a lot of space in this mojo).

I strongly recommend you do not have me tie the bag permanently if you opt for this upgrade. I strongly advise you to feed/dress your bone separately, and not just when you get the bag - from here on out. So some folks will keep their black cat bones on the *outside* of their bags so they can always feed them. Others shift their feeding habits to a method that the bones prefer and just feed the entire mojo bag the same way they'd feed the cat bone from then on out. Still others keep theirs in a separate small container or paket inside the larger mojo bag, and they take it out, feed it, put it back, close the bag, and then feed the whole bag.

Obviously there's more than one way to go here, but we can discuss your preferences after checkout, you can ask me questions, and I will send you a card with care and feeding recommendations with your bag.

Preparation/Handling Time

This is a custom item involving altar work, so please note that handling times start at 10 business days, not counting weekends and holidays. See Shipping page for more info.

If the prep time is too long for you, do not purchase. Go get you one of those Anna Riva or Victor Flores mojo bags in cellophane that can be shipped out immediately. It will have all the potency of a 25 cent gumball machine ring, but you can have it fast.

If you want good, strong, customized traditional work, though, that's gonna take a little bit longer. Nothing is premade sitting on a dusty shelf for a year or two first.

I've spent over 30 years studying and practicing this herblore and rootwork, and I take this work seriously. I make all my stuff in the authentic tradition as it was passed on to me, including growing and harvesting my own herbs and materials to the extent that it's possible -- and it's possible to a greater extent all the time now that I live on wild acreage in the backwoods next to the bayou.

I go all in for my clients when I'm working their cases and tying their charms and setting their lights. But I ask that in return, clients respect that these require significant investments of time and energy and understand that nagging your worker doesn't accomplish anything good :)

All sales are final. I cannot return something to stock that's been customized, so there are no cancellations or returns once work has begun. So please ask any questions before ordering.

LEGALESE:  As required by law, all items are sold as curios and/or for educational purposes in the study of folklore and popular religion. I use these items myself though - I don't sell anything I haven't used myself - and quite a few customers over the years have sworn by my traditional products since I started selling them in 2002.  

MORE INFO / KEEP IN TOUCH:  Find more information on various spiritual products and their uses, plus over ten years' worth of articles about folklore, folk magic, and Deep South hoodoo, through the blog. You can also keep up with any issues that might affect shipping/processing times, read lots of articles on hoodoo, and sign up for our newsletter for subscriber-only goodies.

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