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Spiritual First Aid Sessions: Mastery
Spiritual First Aid Sessions: Mastery
Spiritual First Aid Sessions: Mastery
Spiritual First Aid Sessions: Mastery
Spiritual First Aid Sessions: Mastery

Spiritual First Aid Sessions: Mastery

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Mastery: Used by those with a high-stakes situation coming up that they need to be as prepared and as confident as possible for, such as a job interview, a final exam, a meeting with the boss to discuss a raise, or a big public speaking event. You will almost always want to treat work like this as a "boost" to preparations on your end, such as  spiritual baths for courage, setting lights for success, or carrying a personal John the Conqueror or Sovereign Queen mojo bag or paket. I can make some recommendations after your intake email. 

If your work must start by a certain date/time, do not book this session before contacting me to determine whether my schedule can meet your requirements. Booking this service does not guarantee you a specific start date or completion date.

These sessions are meant to be quick altar work using simpler materials and a standardized framework so they can be set up fairly quickly, for clients wanting fast help in a situation without having to wait on a consultation or reading first and without having to have a contract established and invoice sent.

The altar work I perform for clients when I take on their cases as their rootworker after consultation and divination tends to be highly customized and involve fairly elaborate materials, preparation, and performance, such as jumbo/figural candles, custom-designed and/or hand-drawn or painted sigils, the creation of doll babies or poppets using personal concerns mailed to me by the client, the ritual manipulation or moving of items like candles or lodestones, etc.

These "first aid sessions" are designed to be set up more expediently using materials I pretty much always have on hand and can get set up on fairly short notice. So where a Fiery Wall of Protection working might normally involve numerous holy cards, whole roots, jumbo candles, figural candles, custom-designed sigil work and ritual structure, and my mailing the client mojo bags, pakets, condition oils, spiritual baths, etc., a spiritual first aid session would be a comparatively pared-down rite involving smaller taper candles, digital personal concerns, and a more restricted array of options for things like the creation of custom pakets to be mailed or locations for ritual disposal of spell remains, for example. That way, there's less lead time necessary for gathering and preparing materials.

Folks book these when they are in a pinch or in a hurry; want "backup" on work they are doing on their own; want "maintenance" work done on a longstanding situation; or are waiting for a consultation or contract on more involved altar work but want to get the ball rolling immediately.

These sessions are performed at a distance, using some personal link to the target, which is "treated" using pendulum work; censing with incense; anointing or bathing with oils, waters, or colognes; "heating" with flames from consecrated candles; and/or similar techniques depending on the type of personal concern and intention.

That means I need some sort of personal item associated with the target to do this work. Often, a digital photo is fine, but let me know if you want to mail me something. If you don't have anything at all on the target, though, not even a name, you should contact me to discuss whether this service is suitable for your situation or not before booking.

One service is one session done on one day. If you want two services - say, both binding and protection - you'd need to book one of each. If you want 3 sessions of a service on 3 different days, book 3 of the same service. 

These sessions average about 20-40 minutes each of preparation and hands-on time, depending on the type of concern and the type of work. Then the setup remains on the appropriate altar for the duration of the time that the accompanying lights or candles are burning, which is generally a minimum of two hours.

If you're new to petition writing in the conjure tradition, there's some info at the Education link. But I'm happy to help you with the petition if you aren't sure how to put it.

After I've completed your booked session(s), I will email you at least one photo of it. I will also send you any notes about anything unusual that came up during your session, if applicable, or confirm that everything went as it should and there were no exploding lights or unusual pendulum behavior or the like :)

If I've made any recommendations for work you could do on your end and you have a question about it, this will be your opportunity to get that clarified, as well. This is a sort of mini-consultation built into the reporting phase of your spiritual first aid session, basically. It won't go into as much depth as a full consultation session, but it can definitely get you started in the right direction if you need some guidance or confirmation about what measures to take for your situation.

Start and End Dates: Limit of Guarantee

This service does NOT come with a guarantee that I will start on a certain day, only that the service will be performed as soon as I can prepare it. It would be unusual for it to take me longer than 5 days from receiving all necessary info/materials to begin, but it's possible that another client's work is taking up an entire altar for that week, for instance, or I have an unusual number of vigil lights set on the same altar for the next few days. And you should certainly expect that it could take a few days for me to set it up, gather any special materials, prepare any concerns/pakets/effigies etc., and perform the work. So do not book this service if you must have your work start on a certain day unless you have discussed it with me prior to booking and I have guaranteed you a start date in writing.

This service does not guarantee a delivery date for photos/reports. You should expect that it could take me several days beyond the work's conclusion to prepare and send photos and reports. (I usually try do to them in batches all in one day that I set aside every week.)

Frequency/Amount of Communication: Limits

I cannot do play-by-plays or on-the-fly updates during the preparation or performance of the work. The fee for this service covers the cost of my time, the dedicated space on my altars, and the cost of materials consumed in its performance; that time includes the time it takes me to provide the responses/emails outlined above, but nothing beyond that. So please do not expect any responses or emails beyond what is covered in this listing in the How It Works section. 

Additional emails sent to ask "just wondering when you might start" take up my time typing when I could be spending that time at my altars doing your work. If you send those kinds of emails, you will get a form letter response reminding you of the terms of service here. You'll also get a mental note, and possibly a written one in your client record, indicating that you probably don't read instructions carefully. That makes it less likely that I would take your case in the future because it doesn't bode well for the success of our work together.

Refusal of Service, Cancellations, and Refunds

I reserve the right to refuse service and refund purchase price at my sole discretion. See the Client Agreement for more information.

All sales and bookings are final, so please ask any questions before booking. Candle burning and ritual maneuvering of symbolic items are spiritual services and reading/interpreting the results is an art. You are paying for the cost of materials, the dedicated space on my altars, and for my time, so no refunds, adjustments, or cancellations are possible once I've devoted any time to your service, including reading/taking notes on all the information in your email. I'm more than happy to answer your questions before you book, so please ask any questions first.

Your booking of this service indicates your  acceptance of the general Client Agreement and site Terms of Service. These include (but are not limited to) the following highlights:
Readings, consultations, divination, light settings, and other altar workings are of a spiritual/metaphysical nature and are based on the ancient teachings of the aforementioned traditions. In keeping with the principles of metaphysics, all information of a spiritual nature is meant to be a guide to assist you in making a more informed decision on matters affecting your life. 
Karma Zain is a professional reader, rootworker, and spiritual coach as well as an ordained minister and consecrated bishop, but she is not a lawyer, doctor, psychologist, or financial advisor. Thus any advice or discussion offered falls under spiritual/metaphysical guidance and should not be interpreted as medical, financial, legal, or mental health advice. No spiritual consultation or spiritual work is intended to replace the advice or services of medical, financial, legal, or mental health professionals.
If she becomes convinced that success in your goals can best be attained through your pursuing measures such as entering counseling, seeking legal aid, or obtaining medical treatment in addition to your spiritual work together, she will say so and may decline to work further with you if you are unwilling to undertake these “mundane” measures. This policy is in the interest of treating clients and their cases holistically and following the surest path for clients to meet their goals.
By contracting spiritual services, you are affirming that you have an informed belief in spiritual work and its traditional practices and wish to engage the services of a rootworker to perform traditional hoodoo rootwork as part of an attempt to resolve certain life issues. Karma Zain guarantees that the work will be performed as contracted and to the best of her ability, and that if obstacles are divined during the course of the work, she will relay them and make suggestions for appropriate remedies. You acknowledge that, due to the nature of spiritual folk magic, Karma Zain and Seraphin Station make no guarantees that the work will result in the desired outcome within the desired timeframe or at all.

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