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Zodiac Series Oils
Zodiac Series Oils

Zodiac Series Oils

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I finally made these just this year when I absolutely couldn't put it off anymore for some of my own work. Not my favorite things in the world, a 12-item oil series. I like to launch one or two new things at a time, not 12. But they're useful, and some of y'all have asked about them, so here we go!

I use these overwhelmingly to "aim" my work, to tailor my candles or other items when the candle or item is standing in for somebody on an altar, or when I'm making a custom candle or other item specific to someone. I will cast their chart and tailor the materia magica accordingly, and I often get way more specific than just sun sign.

But I think sun sign + their name carved or written or spoken is usually plenty for most work. And as much I as usually do just fine without a set of zodiac oils on hand, truth is sometimes they're incredibly handy, especially if you like to do some of the more complex moving candle work of the type outlined in Henri Gamache's Master Book of Candle Burning, for example.

And they're handy even beyond that once you start thinking in broader terms about planetary energies and spiritual or magical goals. Maybe you're not a Leo but you need to borrow a little Leo energy for an upcoming event. Maybe everybody in your house needs a dose of Libra energy. Maybe you want to design some altar work so you can start working with a spirit or archangel related to that zodiac sign or aligned with its planetary ruler. It can really open up some new pathways when you start thinking creatively.

This series comes in 10 ml bottles, which is the size of the smallest corked vial in the photo, on the left. It's about 1/3 of an ounce. Oils have snug-fitting, leak-proof caps, not corks.

You can order just one or two or you can save with the bundle of all 12.

High-quality, hand-blended, and magically charged oils are made using pure essential oils and natural herbs, resins, and minerals, in tiny batches, with every bottle indvidually prayed over, blessed, and/or consecrated as appropriate  before it ships. I grow quite a few of my herbs myself and I try to source as locally as possible when I can't. When I can't source locally, I prefer to support small businesses, not huge factories, esp. in the wake of COVID.

All of this means I don't have huge drums of anything in stock ever and my shipping/handling will never be lightning fast. As a tiny business, I can't buy supplies at the same wholesale quantities to get the same rates as huge companies, so this stuff costs me more to make than it does them. But I don't want to be a factory. I want to make every single bottle of oil myself and give your order my personal attention. But I just do ask that you understand that personal attention takes time, so make sure you note the handling times in the info menu below.


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