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Copper & Amethyst Amulet Ring, 6.5
Copper & Amethyst Amulet Ring, 6.5
Copper & Amethyst Amulet Ring, 6.5

Copper & Amethyst Amulet Ring, 6.5

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Size: 6.5

Amethyst was once said to prevent drunkeness. It probably won't, so don't get this ring expecting it to protect you from the consequences of going out and getting hammered on a weeknight.

Selected consciously and worn mindfully, however, it can form part of spiritual approach to instilling or supporting the continued development of temperance and clarity of thought in whatever area of your life it has been a problem.

Amethyst has also been valued for courage and protection in battle, the healing of injuries, the soothing of anger and maintenance of peace,  general good fortune, and protection from evil.

In traditional astrology, it's a stone of Jupiter and thus associated with royalty and wealth.

This piece is one of a kind, completely handmade in copper. As part of the creation process, the wire is heated to glowing and then quenched in liquid to cool it. Quenching liquid for my handmade pieces is infused with appropriate resins, roots, and herbs.

About Copper Wire Jewelry

When copper jewelry causes skin to turn noticeably green, this usually occurs in areas where the metal is in very close physical contact with the skin so that there's no airflow, such as a snug-fitting band-style ring. It happens far less often with looser-fitting pieces like necklaces and bracelets or with woven-wire-style rings like this one. I wear a ring very similar to this one every day and it has never turned my skin green. 

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