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Pull-out Vigil Candle Refills

Pull-out Vigil Candle Refills

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These are hand-poured here at Seraphin Station with high-quality clean-burning paraffin wax and lead-free wicks. They are made to order in small batches - I do not have a bunch of these sitting on a shelf, because the price of wax has skyrocketed over the last couple of years and I don't want a bunch of dead stock sitting around getting dusty.

These pullout refills weigh over a pound each and are about 7.5" tall (these are not mass-produced and they will not look mass-produced, so please allow for slight variations in height and hue from batch to batch).

They fit the commercially available tempered-glass jars designed specifically for pullout-and-refill candles, which are slightly taller (8.25") and a good bit wider (3") than the vigil candles you can buy with non-removable wax poured directly into them (8" x 2"). These refill candles will not fit the empty glass container left over after you burn a commercial vigil candle.

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