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Steady Work Powder

Steady Work Powder

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Got a job but the hours are unpredictable? Worried about getting laid off? Need to have your contract renewed? Only landing temp and short-term gigs and need something longer term? Steady Work is formulated with herbs and essential oils for situations like this.

I've been getting a lot of questions about this lately, which is understandable since gig economy + COVID = omgwtfbarbecue for vast swathes of the population. I will tell you that the best specific spell instructions I've ever seen for work like this are at Lucky Mojo. I can't do any better than what's there.

There are spells covering a couple of different scenarios and within those scenarios are several options for variations you might face, like what if you can't get dirt from the job because you're a remote worker and have never been there? So read it all carefully and you should get a very solid sense of how to customize it for your particular situation.

My powders are made with finely ground herbs and dressed with essential oils in an all-natural, non-talcum base. They are made to draw sigils or symbols on your altar, to sprinkle around target areas for folks to walk in, to add a pinch to shoes, pockets, carpets, and the like, to add to a mojo bag or spell jar, etc. It is traditional to call your target’s name, and/or speak (or at least murmur) your petition or pray as you deploy them, and in cases where you need the target to walk on them, you should mix them with some local dirt so they blend in.

They aren’t cosmetics, aren’t made in accordance with cosmetic industry guidelines for ingredients or labeling, are not talcum-based, and will be grittier/coarser than talcum-based powders.  They have actual powdered herbs in them, and if you think about it for a second you will realize that actual powdered herbs often don’t make good cosmetics.

So if you are expecting a powder that is as finely ground as a cosmetic and that will make your skin really smooth, you will be disappointed with my powders. Some people do make talcum-based powders, which are quite traditional; it’s my non-talcum powders that are actually the less traditional version, but I have health reasons for not using them or making them.  For the traditional formulas that actually need a mineral component for various reasons, I use something besides talcum to meet this traditional requirement (often cosmetic-grade mica powder, which can be had in various colors these days and thus serve double duty as a coloring agent).

Read more about the history and theory behind hoodoo powders, how to use them, and about my approach to them via the Education section, especially this post.




  • Corked Bottle: Glass vial/bottle shape may vary depending on my supplier, but these will contain 1/2 oz by weight. In some cases that might mean the vial/bottle will not appear to be full since some containers are designed to leave headroom and since contents can settle during shipping. But these are packed by weight, not volume, so you're getting the full weight no matter the size and shape of the vial/bottle.
  • Small Bag: Resealable plastic bag contains 1 oz.
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