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Stay With Me Oil

Stay With Me Oil

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Stay With Me is used when you want to keep your lover close, whether to keep them from straying or just to keep them close to home instead of staying out late and prowling around town with their friends. 

Stay With Me is not a straight-up Binding or Compelling-type formula, though it does have a mild element of compelling power in it. But as a whole formula, it works on strengthening the connections that you have and are building to your relationship and home together. So it's not one of those "do as I say" formulas designed to put their teeth in the dirt and your foot on their back, although it's certainly meant to get your lover to do what you want in terms of sticking around.

If you don't like floral formulas but do like doing love work, you'll probably like Stay With Me scent-wise. Unlike many, many formulas that focus on love, this one is rather more spicy and herbal than sweet, and while there are flowering herbs among the ingredients included in your bottle of oil, none of the essential oils I use to make this formula are of the sweet floral type.

Half-ounce bottle.

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