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St. Jude Holy Card, Wallet Sized
St. Jude Holy Card, Wallet Sized
St. Jude Holy Card, Wallet Sized

St. Jude Holy Card, Wallet Sized

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Mini holy card is roughly 2x3.5" and should fit in most wallets.

Cards are printed in color and laminated. There's a generous border of lamination, so if you want to trim a bit off the sides to better fit your particular wallet or bag, that's easily doable without harming the card.

English prayer on back.

If you'd like a different prayer or back setup on this or another holy card that I make, feel free to write so we can talk about options. I can probably hook you up with whatever customization you're wanting as long as it doesn't strain the limits of my graphic design software skills (and let's not sugar coat it - those skills are NOT formidable!) But I can certainly handle things like switching out one prayer for another and stuff like that.

Any watermarks shown are for the purposes of this listing only - physical cards will not have watermarks.

If you are looking for a glossy unlaminated photo or a paket or amparo made for a specific saint, I can do that, too. Please contact me for a custom or new listing, or for pakets, have a look at available custom options in the pakets section of the shop as well.


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