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St. Expedite Rosary
St. Expedite Rosary
St. Expedite Rosary
St. Expedite Rosary
Seraphin Station

St. Expedite Rosary

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    5 decades of wooden beads are separated by Murano-style Pater beads with a red core embellished with gold foil. A matching center bead connects the decade loop. Terminates in a 1.5" silvertone crucifix and a 1" holy medal of St. Expedite, imported from Italy and hand-painted in colorful enamels. 

    Decade loop is ~27" so it will easily fit over your head if you want to wear it.

    Fixed, blessed, and dressed on my St. Expedite altar, where it will reside until I send it to its new home. Prayers and offerings are an integral part of the work I do for any piece I make on the altar and under the aegis of a saint or spirit, so I'm happy to pray for you/your specific petition as I prepare to send it to you. Just send me your petition/prayer request after you check out.

    HANDLING TIMES: Please note published handling times, which start at 5 business days and will be longer for custom-finished items and large orders. Why? Two reasons: 

    One, I make all my formulas in tiny batches, only decanting your oil order from the mother bottle and adding herbs and prayers after your order's come in, for instance. The payoff for your patience is that you get fresh blends and fresh products, made by hand the old fashioned way, by a traditional rootworker with 35 years of experience.

    Two, I live in the middle of nowhere and I have to expect time-sucking delays as par for the course, like the internet going down 'cause a cow broke the line (yes, we have DSL) or the postal service just not coming here at all for a few days because a storm washed our mailbox into the ditch down the dirt road, stuff like that.

    LEGALESE:  As required by law, all items are sold as curios and/or for educational purposes in the study of folklore and popular religion. I use these items myself though - I don't sell anything I haven't used myself - and quite a few customers over the years have sworn by my traditional formulas since I started selling them in 2002.  
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