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Populus Geomancy Oil

Populus Geomancy Oil

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This geomancy series of esoteric oils is made with medieval and renaissance herbal and astrological correspondences, which can sometimes differ significantly from those of traditional hoodoo rootwork.

In geomancy, Populus is the figure associated with people, crowds, and groups. When this figure turns up in your reading, it can indicate that the outcome of the situation is not entirely in your control but instead depends somewhat on the will or opinion of other people -- and you can generally expect that will or opinion to be somewhat conservative and resistant to big change.

It can be useful if you are in a period of retirement from active participation in something and need to spend time simply reflecting and being introspective. It may even be helpful if you are trying to deal with being forced into a passive state of retirement from activity and you have no choice but to deal with it for a while. If you're going stir crazy, Populus might help you find a stable center to reflect from while the influence lasts. (Don't know about you, but I'm thinking quarantine's a great example.)

Do you need your household or other group that has to live in close quarters to act like a family or unit, keep the peace, get along, and make things work? Populus can be a perhaps surprisingly helpful adjunct to what we'd call "peaceful home" work in conjure.

You can also use its energies when your work has a great deal to do with crowds and groups and you need their favor in order to maintain the status quo. If you need people to agree with you and take your side, this can be helpful as long as you aren't trying to incite revolution and aren't already seen as a complete outsider. (Populus doesn't do revolution - its shifts are very gradual.)

Got a court case coming up and you need to leave it in the same state you enter it? Job performance review and you want things to stay like they are? Need to stay on the good side of the office cliques? This isn't a tool that will help you shake things up and lead the crowds to fight for their power. But when you need the energies of a group or crowd to keep on keeping on and you need to be seen as one of them, an insider and not a threat, or when you need a situation to settle down into something stable and stick around for a while, this oil can be a useful addition to your toolbox.

Half-ounce bottle.

USAGE: Oils are for prayer and ritual use; they are not cosmetics or perfumes. While some customers do use some dressing oils as anointing oils (which is not the same thing as wearing a perfume or cologne), they are careful to do a skin test first, since they know that all-natural does not equal hypoallergenic. If you need suggestions on how to use condition and anointing oils in the conjure tradition, see the Education link up top.

LEGALESE: As required by law, all items are sold as curios to preserve and teach the traditions of folklore and popular religion. I don't sell anything I don't use myself, though, and quite a few customers over the years have sworn by my traditional formulas since I started selling them in 2002.

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