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Planetary Series Oils
Planetary Series Oils
Planetary Series Oils

Planetary Series Oils

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I finally made these just this year when I absolutely couldn't put it off anymore for some of my own work. Not my favorite things in the world, a big oil series. I like to launch one or two new things at a time, not 10 or 12. But they're useful, and some of y'all have asked about them, so here we go!

This series comes in 2 dram bottles. Packaging may vary depending on my supplier. A range is shown below, but oils have snug-fitting, leak-proof caps, not corks.

You can order just one or two or you can save with the bundled set.

High-quality, hand-blended, and magically charged oils are made using pure essential oils and natural herbs, resins, and minerals, in tiny batches, with every bottle individually prayed over, blessed, and/or consecrated as appropriate  before it ships. I grow quite a few of my herbs myself and I try to source as locally as possible when I can't. When I can't source locally, I prefer to support small businesses, not huge factories, esp. in the wake of COVID.

All of this means I don't have huge drums of anything in stock ever and my shipping/handling will never be lightning fast. As a tiny business, I can't buy supplies at the same wholesale quantities to get the same rates as huge companies, so this stuff costs me more to make than it does them. But I don't want to be a factory. I want to make every single bottle of oil myself and give your order my personal attention. But I just do ask that you understand that personal attention takes time.

That's why the handling time for this series starts at 10 business days. On the off chance that I get a few orders in back to back that exhaust my supplies of a pricier oil, I might be waiting on a new shipment from my supplier when your order comes in, for example. 10 business days should cover anything like that, but if it looks like there's a significant delay beyond the published 10 business day handling time, I'll email you.

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