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Seven Planetary Angels Esoteric Series

Seven Planetary Angels Esoteric Series

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N.B. Please note handling times for this esoteric oil series start at 10 business days.

High-quality, hand-blended, and magically charged esoteric angel oils contain pure essential oils and natural herbs, resins, and minerals associated with each angel. These oils are made in accordance with esoteric, qabalistic, and biblical lore (for this series, I'm drawing heavily on the Pauline Art).

While these are not, strictly speaking, traditional conjure oils, they do not use herbal or mineral correspondences that just straight-up conflict with those of traditional hoodoo, either, so you're not going to end up with an incoherent melange of eclecticism-gone-wild if you use this oil along with, say, a hoodoo oil for your zodiac sign or anything like that.

However, please note that the correspondences for the traditional 7 planetary angels are quite likely to be distinct from those you encounter in a different system or list. Not every system uses the same 7 angels for days of the week or planets, for instance, and of course there are systems that focus on numbers other than 7.

So the planetary associations of Michael, for instance, are not the same as in my Four Archangels Esoteric series, where the angels are assigned to terrestrial directions according to Golden Dawn correspondences. And my St. Michael conjure oil is also a distinct formula, focused on Michael's role as a protective warrior angel. So if you're looking for oils that work together, don't mix and match with gleeful abandon - make sure your systems and workings are complementary first :) And feel free to ask if you have any questions.

These are the angels of the seven traditional luminaries and their system of correspondences:

Michael the Sun Sunday Leo
Gabriel the Moon Monday Cancer
Samael Mars Tuesday Aries, Scorpio
Raphael Mercury Wednesday Gemini, Virgo
Sachiel Jupiter Thursday Pisces, Sagittarius
Anael Venus Friday Taurus, Libra
Cassiel Saturn Saturday Capricorn, Aquarius


These formulas are derived from a tremendous amount of experimentation, research (in some cases involving original translation), and testing (involving a lot of very expensive trial and error and testing with herbs, oils, resins, absolutes, and powders). 

Unlike with conjure oils, few of the ingredients in my esoteric series are native to the region I grew up in, or indeed to this continent, and they must be imported. In some cases, the prices have skyrocketed over the last 10 years as essential oils have exploded in popularity, species have become threatened by overharvesting, and climate change has affected production.

So please understand handling times - be sure to read the pertinent section in the tabs below the description. 

Individual oils come in half-ounce bottles.

Complete set of all 7 oils is available in either 2-dram bottles or half-ounce bottles.

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