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Nag Champa Candles - Seasonal, Limited
Nag Champa Candles - Seasonal, Limited
Nag Champa Candles - Seasonal, Limited
Nag Champa Candles - Seasonal, Limited

Nag Champa Candles - Seasonal, Limited

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Nag Champa candles are beloved by seekers of spiritual awareness, fans of meditation, and anyone who misses the scent of vintage head shop from back in the day. (If you know, you know.)

These contain essential oils, fragrance oils, and real herbs and resins, including sandalwood, neroli, and precious champaca (the secret ingredient for a genuine Nag Champa scent). I've had customers say this oil blend is the closest they've found to the scent of the old Nag Champa incense. 

Photos are stock; candle colors will vary depending on style, and dimensions will depend on the type you order, so please read the descriptions for the options before adding to your cart. Nag Champa candles are a rich amber brown.

I make them in very small batches. Votives are poured only six at a time, and most larger candles are poured just one or two at a time to specs upon order. So no two will ever be exactly alike and they will not look like they came from an assembly line. Due to the handmade nature of these candles, therefore, please allow and expect some variation from candle to candle and from batch to batch.


    • Votive candles are a generous two-ounce size, measuring 1.5" at the bottom. They are designed to be set and burned in a snug-fitting votive holder, which is not included. Under ideal conditions, you can expect a burn time of 8-10 hours or more. The snugger the votive holder, the better your burn time.
      • Tealights come in clear heat-resistant polycarbonate tealight cups, measuring 1.5" in diameter and 3/4" high. (Heat-resistant does not mean fireproof, so do not leave these [or any other candle] burning unattended.)


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