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Protection + Reversing Monthly Community Altar Service
Protection + Reversing Monthly Community Altar Service
Protection + Reversing Monthly Community Altar Service
Protection + Reversing Monthly Community Altar Service

Protection + Reversing Monthly Community Altar Service

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These community altar work services are held every month for an entire lunation. While there is a set start and end date, there is also a little wiggle room and you can join up late as long as you still see spots available.

Community altar work services focus on a particular goal or area and have a limited number of “seats” for each working. They are a great compromise between big workings open to any number of folks (inexpensive but with little customization available) and hiring a worker to do 100% custom, private services just for you (completely tailored to you but considerably more expensive since the costs of time and materia magica are not being shared by more than one person).



This service focuses on goals related to protection (both spiritual and physical), deflecting negativity, and in cases where someone is aiming something at you personally, returning that crap right back to the sender. The nice thing about reversing work is it just bounces things back - if there's nobody to bounce anything back on, no harm done, but if there is, well, they set it in motion and your conscience is clear.

Your name and petition/intention will be added with those of other participants to what is basically a protective container spell - a sort of spiritual and energetic fortress, if you will, with watchful and powerful guardians encircling you. I work these community rites on my altars for a month, from (just after) the full moon to full moon, with special attention to pertinent moon phases, astrological transits, holy days, etc. as applicable. 

If you have questions about any of this work, you can ask them and I'll answer them in our private forum, where you can also trade ideas and perspectives with other participants if you want to. For instance, you might want to time a spiritual bath to coincide with a planetary day/hour or astrological event or saints' day. I will occasionally make suggestions for things like this, too, if there's anything interesting happening in the astrological or liturgical calendar.

So it's altar work, but it can also be a sort of magical education with the opportunity for some coaching and consultation over the course of the month and a chance to talk everything over with like-minded folks who share the same vocabulary. You don't get my personal cell phone number, but this is just about the next best thing.

At the conclusion of the service, I will ritually deploy or disperse the materia magica used in the working as appropriate to your petition/situation. 

Please note that community altar work services do not come with individual readings/reports, though I will post at least one photo of the work to the Discord "forum," which you'll receive an invitation to after you book if you are not already a member. 

Booking and Checking Out

You need to indicate what month or months you're booking for in the embedded intake form. If your petition will remain unchanged from month to month, you can check out with quantity greater than 1 and you won't have to fill out a new intake form every month. It will be understood that the petition you submit with this order will apply to every month you book through this transaction.

If your petition might change, or if you need to have two different petitions made for the same month, you need to go through checkout twice so that there's one transaction and one order number per petition. You cannot submit two different petitions/intentions in a single booking/transaction.

Pay What You Can Options

If you can afford to pay full price, great!

If you're backed into a corner financially but still need help, that's ok, too - that's what the reduced rate options are for.

If you can afford to pay a little more to help me cover the cost of the reduced rate and pro bono work I do every month for clients experiencing a rough patch, you can choose the donation rate.

2023 Dates


April Apr 8 - May 4
May May 6 - Jun 1
June Jun 6 - Jul 1

Terms of Service

Be sure to read the Terms of Service and Client Agreement in the expanding menu below before booking so you know what you're signing up for.


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