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Honey Jar Spell Kit Box
Honey Jar Spell Kit Box
Honey Jar Spell Kit Box
Honey Jar Spell Kit Box
Honey Jar Spell Kit Box

Honey Jar Spell Kit Box

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This is custom-finished stuff, so please note handling times! Thank you!

Honey jar work is a great approach when you need to sweeten somebody up, and they're useful in an incredible variety of situations in traditional hoodoo rootwork, definitely not just love and relationship stuff.

You might want to sweeten them up to your ideas or your side in a dispute, or maybe you want to put your coworkers in a sweet jar in a case of nasty office politics. You can use a honey jar to help a family who's been fussing and fighting a lot, or you can use it in domination work when your concern is your wellbeing over someone else's.

You can use these to sweeten up an ex and try to get them to return and get back together, or you can use them on an ex you never even want to see again, you just want them to soften their heart and do right by their child.

So don't fall prey to the misconception "honey jars and sweetening jars are for love work." You'll be depriving yourself of a really reliable tool if you do.

Kit includes almost everything you need to get started, including instructions in hardcopy. You will need to supply any personal concerns for the people involved (hair, clothing, name papers) and a candleholder if you want to use one (or you can just set the light directly on the metal lid of the jar, securing it with wax). Depending on how you intend to work the jar, you might want some more candles, as well.

Everything else you need to get started is is included - an instruction sheet; vials or jars of herbs (1), powders (1), spiritual bath crystals (1), and oils (2), including Special Wick Oil #20; a muslin bag for your spiritual bath so the herbs don't stick to your tub (1); a mini jar of honey and/or similar sweetener as appropriate (1); a four-inch taper candle (1), and tealight candles hand-poured here at Seraphin Station using herbs and oils suitable to your goal/intention (2). Please note photo is stock - vial and bottle sizes and ingredients/colors will vary depending on my suppliers and your petition/intention.

They aren't known for bringing the fastest results in creation, so I would encourage anyone to assume they need to work a jar like this for at least a month. Many, and probably most, honey jars are worked for months. It depends a great deal on the specific people and situations involved, so there's just no one-size-fits-all guideline. Some honey jars are worked for years. I'm sure there are honey jars out there somewhere that have been worked for decades, even.

But these are great for when you need deep and lasting change in a situation and they are very well suited to mid- to long-term situations that need steady pressure on them pretty much the whole time.

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