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Durga Oil

Durga Oil

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Warrior queen and demon fighter, this Hindu deity protects the faithful from threats to prosperity and peace.

She does so even when we are our own worst enemies because of our limited and selfish human perspectives. She'll be happy to help you shake that off and get right again.

This is not exactly a hoodoo/conjure oil, but the ingredients in it shouldn't be unfamiliar for the most part and shouldn't mess you up if you're using it in combination with hoodoo formulas in some sort of working. There's a decent bit of overlap in this blend.

I developed this blend in consultation and study with my partner Mike - he's the expert on this path and I'm just the student. But if you have a question I can't answer, I will bring it to him and come back with whatever his response was, so feel free to write anyway if you have a question.

Half-ounce bottle.

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