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Dirt Dauber Nest Curio
Dirt Dauber Nest Curio
Seraphin Station

Dirt Dauber Nest Curio

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These are used in a surprising variety of situations in Southern-style rootwork. You'll find them in Peaceful Home workings, in recipes to get better business, in tricks to cause fighting or to break up a couple, and in treatments for when a woman's labor has been going on too long and they need to hasten the birth, just to name a few. An indispensable part of the Southern-style hoodoo go-bag.

You'll receive a corked glass vial containing dirt dauber nest like the one pictured. The nests are gathered ethically on my farm or my family's property in Alabama, and only after the dirt daubers have moved on.

Exact composition and weight will vary since these are natural curios and insects don't do things to spec. Also, dirt dauber nest is valued in conjure not just for the nest itself the wasp formed but for the accompanying bits of other insects/arachnids/etc that will be part of your dirt dauber nest vial, put there by the mama wasp to feed the freshly hatched babies. So you do want the dust and insect bits and not just the pipes if you're here for hoodoo stuff and not just to fill up your cabinet of curiosities.

Since these are usually used broken up or powdered in conjure, I make no effort to keep them whole. Your vial will probably contain a mixture of crumbled/powdered dirt/clay, as these can and do crumble in collection and transit, partial or whole cells or "pipes" occupied by the dirt daubers, and random bits and pieces of various bugs and cobwebs and greebly bits.  

They can also get quite large/heavy, so I want to make it clear that I won't be sending you "a whole nest." I've had people ask this before and it doesn't really work that way. A nest could be the size of your head or the size of your littlest fingernail. You'll get what will fit in the corked glass vial, which holds about 30 mls by volume.

If you do prefer I try to select more of one component than the other, or you want "extra buggy" dirt dauber nest for some enemy work or something, just let me know when you check out and I'll see what I can do.

And if you want a larger quantity, I can set something up for you. Just write. I've been trying to move away from plastic packaging, but I certainly do still have some around here if you don't mind it that will hold more.

HANDLING TIMES: Please note published handling times, which start at 5 business days and will be longer for custom-finished items, large orders, and some specialty/extra strength formulas. Why? Two reasons:

One, I make all my formulas in tiny batches, decanting and praying over every oil order as it comes in, for instance. It's not a matter of just grabbing a bottle off a shelf and popping it into an envelope. And I stock only what I know I can use within a certain shelf life. That means I can have unexpected runs on formulas that use up my stock of an ingredient, and it takes a few days for more to arrive. The payoff for your patience is that you get fresh blends and fresh products, made by hand the old fashioned way, by a traditional rootworker with 35 years of experience.

Two, I live in the middle of nowhere and I have to expect time-sucking delays as par for the course, like the internet going down 'cause a cow broke the line, stuff like that.

USAGE: Oils are for prayer and ritual use; they are not cosmetics or perfumes. While some customers do use some dressing oils as anointing oils (which is not the same thing as wearing a perfume or cologne), they are careful to do a skin test first, since they know that all-natural does not equal hypoallergenic. If you need suggestions on how to use condition and anointing oils in the conjure tradition, see the Education link up top.

LEGALESE:  As required by law, all items are sold as curios to preserve and teach the traditions of folklore and popular religion. I don't sell anything I don't use myself, though, and quite a few customers over the years have sworn by my traditional formulas since I started selling them in 2002.

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