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Coffee at Midnight Oil

Coffee at Midnight Oil

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Coffee at Midnight is a specialty condition oil containing rare, precious, and fragrant essential oils, essential oil absolutes, and herbs, including coffee bean, vanilla, cocoa, and cardamom, among others.

I modeled this specialty love/lust/sex appeal oil on a really excellent chocolate-infused specialty tea that I loved and used to "prescribe" to clients who were going the "tea and bath" route (the "inside and outside" treatment, which is really good for spiritual cleansing, protection, and attraction work especially). It's got love/affection elements, but definitely a strong lust element.

Redolent with vanilla and coffee absolutes (and thus rich and expensive), it does all the good attracting work of a "foodie" sort of oil -- the whole "vanilla and cookies" thing -- but with more depth, spice, and earth than those sticky-sweet blends, and it's not soporific or sickly. It is, after all, caffeinated :-)

This blend is a richer, earthier alternative to oils like Kaliprix that hit the passion, attraction, glamour, and sex appeal notes, but without the strong florals that some folks (including me) are not looking for in an oil.

Don't get me wrong - this is sweet! But it's "expensive coffee" sweet and not "two pumps of cheap hazelnut syrup that kind of tastes like perfume" sweet.

Can be used by anyone of any gender or orientation. Herbal/oil correspondences are in line with conjure tradition (even though no old-school conjure formulas that I ever encountered smelled anything like this).

I've had dozens and dozens of customers tell me this oil really does smell good enough to eat. It is not, however, intended for consumption or internal use. Do not eat or drink this oil!

Generally I make my oils as fresh as possible, but this one actually gets better as it sits in the bottle. So I am going to make it in tiny batches like I do all my oils, so it will last as long as possible when you get it, but it will only improve with age. One of the ingredients is patchouli, and the very best patchouli is older, aged patchouli. It gets deeper and more interesting with time.

This formula also contains benzoin, which smells wonderful but also has the side effect of acting as a preservative, so this oil could well have a longer shelf life than your typical hoodoo oil formula.

E.S. from OH writes: "This is my favorite love/lust oil. It smells fantastic and quite delicious! I feel like this is an excellent oil for helping get my mind in the right place when I'm doing love work. The coffee smell is very present (and as someone who enjoys coffee and is in a relationship with a coffee-lover it felt like an appropriate choice.) I have a small almost empty bottle of the original, which has aged well and never went bad (even though it's over 5 years old.) I loved it so much I used it very, very sparingly.

"My brand new bottle smells lighter than the older one, which has a deeper, more intense fragrance (possibly from how long it's aged or possibly due to an ingredient change.) But I honestly love them both. I also thought it was interesting that this oil includes patchouli because I normally dislike the smell of patchouli intensely. Clearly I must have been smelling the wrong patchouli! This is a fabulous product and one I will definitely keep coming back for." -2020

Half-ounce bottle.


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