Book Pages, Vintage, Moderate Distressing, Brit/American Lit
Book Pages, Vintage, Moderate Distressing, Brit/American Lit
Book Pages, Vintage, Moderate Distressing, Brit/American Lit
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Book Pages, Vintage, Moderate Distressing, Brit/American Lit

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Assortment of 30+ mostly vintage book pages - every page dates between 1946 and 2010, and only one 2010 book got swept up to be distressed with this batch, so its pages make up less than 5% of this group. The rest are at least 20 years old.

Topic/contents are mostly English literature and criticism, some fiction, some non, some poetry and plays here and there. Very few illustrations/pictures in this batch.

Pages are moderately distressed, some naturally and some with a little help from me, but all are still completely legible. A few have chipped edges or small tears along the binding edge and occasionally a severe crease or fold but these are overwhelmingly complete, intact pages, just quite "weathered." If your assortment does happen to contain a page that is not whole, I'll make sure it's an extra and doesn't count as one of the 30.

Sheets vary in size from 7.5 x 5 to 10.75 x 8.25 inches.

These books are the remnants of parts of my teaching and research libraries from academia, which I left not really willingly in 2015. So this is something of a destash and something of a check to make sure I'm not headed towards hoarder territory over here! I've used them for collage, paper mache, bead-making, petition-paper-making, sketching, labeling, gift tagging and wrapping, note cards, tons of stuff you can do. Heck, I even made some of those folded and/or rolled paper holiday wreaths with these. And I don't even *like* stuff like that! Hence the sanity check...

Now I have to figure out what I'm going to do with 50 different editions and translations of Beowulf. (sigh) Well, there's more info on the story behind this stuff at the website at, and maybe some pics of paper mache shrines I've made with this stuff if I can find them today.

I can also list other genres/topics, page sizes, assortment sizes, degrees of distressing/antiquing, and in some cases even languages.  Just write if you're looking for something you don't see.

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