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All Saints Oil
All Saints Oil

All Saints Oil

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You might have noticed there are a whole lot of saints. How many? I'm not sure anybody really knows how to go about counting in order to even try to answer that question. (It becomes a technical question pretty quickly, given the church's definition of sainthood. How many angels are there?)

But "way more than you've heard of" and "way more than there could ever be holy cards and spiritual oils for" are definitely both accurate answers.

This oil's long been used to help fill in those kinds of supply gaps, and lots of folks use it when they aren't even sure where to direct their prayers or who to petition for help. It's made with really positive "high vibration" herbs and oils so you can attract good saints and spirits rather than negative ones less inclined to help, and you can certainly use it alongside other oils for specific saints or entities if need be.

Half-ounce bottle.

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