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Reversing, jinx-killing, better business. Half-ounce bag.

Descriptions and Uses

Descriptions and usages are a work in progress, but you can see what we have so far at this page. Your herb packets will come with labels that include the name (common and Latin binomial) plus a brief description of spiritual uses.

About Our Herbs

I'm not trying to stock every herb under the sun or compete with companies that buy  massive wholesale quantities to resell to the public. I don't want to be in the herb supplier business as any kind of one-stop shop. But I will occasionally have "just a pinch" offerings of plants I grow myself or that a colleague or family member grows, especially if it's not easy to get commercially.

While this is far too small of an operation to be certified organic or any of that stuff, we do not engage in large-scale, resource-heavy, monoculture farming practices here. So we try not to deplete the soil, use water irresponsibly, encourage lack of genome and biome diversity, deprive animals and insects of their habitations or migration paths, or generally act like assholes and bad stewards.

That means we do not spray our herbs or fertilize them with industrial chemicals - we use only organic fertilizers and natural biological pesticides on our land (stuff like natural neem oil or insecticidal soap that I also put on my food crops and that pose no risk for human contact). 

However, these are not prepared in a commercial kitchen and are not packaged/sold as food items. My herbs are intended for spiritual use in incenses, oils, altar work, etc., not for human consumption.


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