St. Expedite Hand-Painted Holy Medal
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St. Expedite Hand-Painted Holy Medal

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Holy medal of St. Expedite imported from Italy. 1" oxidized silvertone. Hand-painted in enamels and clear-coated after curing. Comes with an 18" ball chain necklace.

Feel free to message if you'd like customized elements or you have questions. It's not usually a big problem to switch out the necklace type if you want something else.

St. Expedite is the patron of procrastinators, computer programmers, and those who need something to happen in a hurry. Call on him to break through blocks and end delays. St. Expedite has been associated variously with Legba, the Baron Samedi, and the Seven African Powers via Ellegua depending on where you are, who you talk to, and what house you're in. Read more about the rich lore surrounding him and other folk saints at our blog.

Medal designs may vary from photos depending on my suppliers. Please write first if you want to confirm I have exactly the style pictured.

HANDLING TIMES: Please allow up to 10 days' handling time. I almost always have some St. Expedite medals on hand that I've begun painting so this is really just in case - you'll probably get it sooner - but I'd rather be safe than sorry in case your medal needs a touchup or a clearcoat.

These are enamel paints and they take longer to dry than you might expect - a good bit longer than acrylics. (Actually, they're curing rather than drying - it's a different chemical process). Each color/layer has to dry before the next one can go on, and then all those have to cure before I can put a final clearcoat on. So these are a good bit more time consuming than they might look, and something like the amount of humidity in the air can have a real impact on drying/curing time, too. So just be aware that I really cannot always rush these. They can be pretty fiddly/fussy.

Once properly dried and cured, though, the these specialty enamel paints for metal hold up pretty well. In fact, the clear coat is probably weaker than the enamel. They'll undoubtedly hold up longer if you remove them before swimming or bathing and don't keep them on your keychain where they're constantly being struck by other bits of metal.

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