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Fiery Wall of Protection Floorwash & Bath Crystals
Fiery Wall of Protection Floorwash & Bath Crystals

Fiery Wall of Protection Floorwash & Bath Crystals

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Fiery Wall of Protection is made with herbs, oils, and roots traditionally valued for their protective qualities and ability to shield the user from any crap being aimed their way.

Obviously these crystals are used by folks who want to take a spiritual bath or do a traditional floor-scrubbing of their home (or workplace, or wherever).
But you can also use bath crystals in situations where liquid deployment of the formula is desired but oils are impractical, too messy, or too expensive. Don't coat all of your doorknobs or windowsills with oil - dissolve bath crystals and use the water for that kind of thing. Moistening an envelope flap with oil could leave suspicious and unattractive oily marks; using water with crystals dissolved in it is better. Using your used bathwater to moisten it might be even better, depending on the work and who's receiving the envelope.


Resealable packets contain app. 3 ounces of crystals by weight (weight will vary slightly depending on ingredients, as some are denser than others). One packet contains enough bath crystals for three full tub baths or three large mop buckets of floor wash. Use less for smaller spaces, laundry rinse, and stand-up/basin baths.

USAGE: Downloadable instructions are available from the Education link in the top menu. 

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