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Inflammatory Confusion Oil
Inflammatory Confusion Oil

Inflammatory Confusion Oil

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Half ounce bottle of Inflammatory Confusion Oil, containing appropriate essential oils, herbs, and curios, including black mustard seeds.

This one is more aggressive than plain old confusion, for when you want them running around agitated and wasting energy, not just sitting there slack-jawed, unable to remember why they're there. The ingredients in this formula are designed to agitate, to set tempers aflame, to set teeth on edge, and to keep your target(s) from calming down or sitting still long enough to look at anything rationally. 

I used Inflammatory Confusion for a client's court case one time when his opponent was famous for skating through life on charm and flattery. He had everybody fooled into thinking he was just such a nice guy and my client was out to get him and was telling lies. We needed him to slip up so his true colors would show, so we targeted his entire legal team plus anybody in his family or business who stood a chance of being called to speak in his favor.

The opponent's lawyer screwed up some paperwork and the guy totally showed his ass in front of the judge and everybody as a giant narcissistic prat. By the end of the day, the judge was pretty irritated too. Nobody on their side went home happy, but my client did.

Now I don't recommend Inflammatory Confusion in every case. If anybody close to your target is prone to explosive outbursts or violence, you might not need to sprinkle this much heat on the situation. If you have an unstable person in the mix, there could be collateral damage if they explode, so consider if there are any innocent bystanders in the mix and whether this is legitimately the best route to take for what you want to accomplish before using it. There are always other ways to work a case and you don't always want or need to throw the nastiest possible thing at it. (Read more about sometimes counterintuitive approaches to working at the blog and on the Altar Work page.)

But if the situation warrants it and you need confusion, bad attitudes, and hot tempers to reign supreme, Inflammatory Confusion is a good traditional choice.

Half-ounce bottle.

USAGE: Oils are for prayer and ritual use; they are not cosmetics or perfumes. While some customers do use some dressing oils as anointing oils (which is not the same thing as wearing a perfume or cologne), they are careful to do a skin test first, since they know that all-natural does not equal hypoallergenic. If you need suggestions on how to use condition and anointing oils in the conjure tradition, see the Education link up top.

LEGALESE: As required by law, all items are sold as curios to preserve and teach the traditions of folklore and popular religion. I don't sell anything I don't use myself, though, and quite a few customers over the years have sworn by my traditional formulas since I started selling them in 2002.

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