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The Red Charm: Rustic Hoodoo Charm Amulet Necklace
The Red Charm: Rustic Hoodoo Charm Amulet Necklace
The Red Charm: Rustic Hoodoo Charm Amulet Necklace
The Red Charm: Rustic Hoodoo Charm Amulet Necklace
The Red Charm: Rustic Hoodoo Charm Amulet Necklace
The Red Charm: Rustic Hoodoo Charm Amulet Necklace
The Red Charm: Rustic Hoodoo Charm Amulet Necklace
The Red Charm: Rustic Hoodoo Charm Amulet Necklace

The Red Charm: Rustic Hoodoo Charm Amulet Necklace

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For this amulet necklace, I've basically deconstructed a classic rural Southern-style conjure bag, aka a mojo or toby, and made a necklace out of it.

This is backwoods conjure the way it used to be. It's miles away from the shiny city general store with imported spices and soaps and fabrics. This is the part of the country where floorwash is made with chamber lye, not Florida Water. New curtains come from recycled worn-out clothes, and those clothes come from recycled flour and feed sacks.

Old barn and field gear provides tiny scraps of leather. Copper, brass, and steel are scavenged from old derelict machinery and buildings. A bright blue bead and a cowrie shell are passed among generations of children - if the generations thrive here that long.

Anyway, true to theme, this necklace has been nearly a year in the making - yep, even longer than my quarantine brooding, 'cause we really are fairly isolated out here. While I don't have to make my clothes out of flour sacks -- which is good, 'cause they don't sell flour in cloth sacks too much anymore! -- I've definitely made a turn back towards the handmade and away from the storebought and drastically altered my relationship with consumer goods since I moved out here. (I don't believe I've been to a mall in over four years now. I bought my last pair of shoes at the feed store.)

So I've been putting this necklace together bit by bit, waiting for the right scrap or bit of bone or dried root to cross my path. I finally found a St. Benedict medal that was the right size for the last "page" of the "book" and decided to order a Mercury dime to finally finish the piece, to complement the coyote leg bone, the apotropaic blue bead, and the piece of wire-wrapped devil's shoestring root.

So I ordered it, and I waited, and I checked the mail, and I waited, and I checked the tracking, and wouldn't you know it - my shipment of Mercury dimes from ebay says it's been delivered, but I don't have it, so I can only presume it's been stolen out of my mailbox.

That's some seriously bad juju some local has just incurred.

So I finished it with a regular dime, figuring that back in the day, a Mercury dime wasn't anything special to them anyway. It was just the current dime. Of course, it did happen to be silver, unlike our modern ones, so that is one small detraction from what I was trying to do here. But if I have my way, I'll be getting that package of dimes back if the poor fool who took them is anywhere in this region. And if this piece has sold by then, I'll let the new owner know and send along the Mercury dime to replace this modern one, 'cause this little deconstructed mojo was waiting patiently for its final piece, and you just don't do a good hand like that.

This old-school amulet is created with elements of personal power and mastery, luck in both love and money, and protection, so feed it accordingly every week with an appropriate condition oil, liquor, or incense smoke. I've left a tiny little edge on the back flap unsewn so you can slide in a personal concern, petition paper, or your own charm. And as with any of my spiritual or saints' jewelry, rosaries, or other items, I'm happy to include your specific petitions or intent in my altar work as I'm getting this prepped to go out to you. Just use the personalization info box to tell me who it's for and what your request is.

LEGALESE: As required by law, all items are sold as curios to preserve and teach the traditions of folklore and popular religion. I don't sell anything I don't use myself, though, and quite a few customers over the years have sworn by my traditional formulas since I started selling them in 2002.

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