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Subscribers-Only Offering - 081320
Seraphin Station

Subscribers-Only Offering - 081320

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If you are a mailing list subscriber, you should have received an email with details about an item I'm making available to subscribers only.

As outlined in that email, the coupon code can be applied once you have $5 worth of product in your shopping cart. (This listing does not count towards that $5.)

You can then add this exclusive item to your cart and then, when you're checking out, enter the coupon code you got in that email. The coupon value is for the price listed here, so the item will cost you nothing as long as you use the coupon code.

I can't leave this up forever because new subscribers can access the mailing list archives and get the code, and I could conceivably end up with more subscribers trying to use the code than I have sufficient supply of this item to give away. But I imagine I will be able to leave it up for a week at least, unless I experience an unprecedented burst of subscriber growth, and I don't see why I would. But if for some reason it looks like I will run out sooner than I expected, I'll post to that effect on social media and/or this list to give you a heads up.

And if you were already a subscriber when I sent it out but you really can't order until after I take the code down, I don't have a problem giving you a raincheck, basically, and sending along the item with your next order if I still have enough to give away when you ask me to do that. You'd just have to email me after you checked out in the future and I'd have to manually adjust your order.

But if you're really keen on this item and would be upset to miss it, ordering within the next week is your safest bet, because I can't just make more of this item.

If you're not a subscriber and are wondering what in the heck this is, well, it's a secret :) Only mailing list subscribers know, and only mailing list subscribers can get it, because it's not something I have listed for sale anywhere where you can add it to your cart. But you can get in on future special offers and giveaways if you subscribe to the mailing list.

If you add this listing to your cart and do not use the coupon code, I will just cancel and refund this item from your order. You have to have the coupon code.

If you were a subscriber as of 8/13/20 and didn't get the email and don't see it in your other Gmail inboxes or your spam folder, contact me so I can see what the deal is and get it fixed for you.


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