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Subscribers-Only Offering 091120
Seraphin Station

Subscribers-Only Offering 091120

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If you are a mailing list subscriber, you should have received an email with details about a set of items I'm making available for pre-order to subscribers only.

If I make more than is claimed by subscribers, I'll make the rest of the stuff broadly available once it's ready, but if subscribers claim it all, it won't see the light of the day for at least another year until the next annual event rolls around.

Remember, this stuff will take two weeks of preparation before it's ready to ship.

I have to have the altar work going before midnight on the 11th, so to be absolutely guaranteed a portion of this stuff, you should order by then. Sorry about the short fuse.

If you're not a subscriber and are wondering what in the heck this is, well, it's a secret :) Only mailing list subscribers know, and only mailing list subscribers can get it, because it's not something I have listed for sale anywhere where you can add it to your cart. But you can get in on future special offers and giveaways if you subscribe to the mailing list.

If you were a subscriber as of 9/11/20 and didn't get the email and don't see it in your other Gmail inboxes or your spam folder, contact me so I can see what the deal is and get it fixed for you.


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