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Mercury Conjunct Chiron Healing Service, April-May 2021

Mercury Conjunct Chiron Healing Service, April-May 2021

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Mercury conjunct Chiron is an especially opportune time to reflect on and come to terms with past emotional wounds, ultimately turning it into an opportunity to heal longstanding hurts.

Since it's Mercury transiting Chiron, it's touching especially on the realms of words (including thoughts), whether they're your own (such as habitual negative self-talk) or someone else's (such as returning to a memory of cruel words someone once said when you're stressed out).

You may know intellectually that your inner critic is a little too critical or the person who said cruel things to you was being an asshole, but this intellectual knowledge may not be enough to keep you from getting swept up in the emotional response despite your best intentions. In short, there are wounds that do not simply heal with time. Unprocessed, they can lead us to hurt ourselves and even others if we lash out defensively when feeling unsettled or attacked.

You can do affirmations all day long, but if there's an unitegrated lesson or message under the recurring responses, those affirmations aren't gonna stick. Mercury conjunct Chiron can help you see why so you can ultimately articulate an actual "answer" that addresses the underlying issues.

Examining these old wounds usually isn't exactly pleasant, and healing is hardly instantaneous, but you can get fresh insight that can be useful going forward. To that end, this intensive service is performed in phases, and that's why, unlike many of my community altar work services, you *cant'* just jump into this one a couple of days after it starts. That's why this has an official start date of April 8th even though the conjunction is on the 9th (my time).

Phase one, beginning in the wee hours on April 9th, focuses on clarity and insight, with ritual elements to support the tranquility and equilibrium of participants as they ask for and begin to receive this insight.

  • I usually ask for folks to stick to one- or two-sentence petitions for rootwork and altar work; that's not necessary here. Write as many sentences (or paragraphs) as you need to try to articulate what you're wanting to focus on. It's kind of a given that things might be rambly, imperfect, or incomplete at this stage. The most important thing is getting started on trying.
  • This "petition" doesn't lock you into anything and nobody is grading your grammar or judging you. Rather, it signals your willingess to do this work in this area and your openness to insight and lessons related to it. So it's not a petition in the traditional folk magic sense necessarily, and it is ok if it feels awkward or you aren't sure exactly what to "ask for" at this stage.
  • Sometimes our stuck points are those areas where we judge ourselves for having certain thoughts or feelings. If that self-judgment has prevented you from spending time examining these "wounds" before, it can be enough at this stage to express that you've had that difficulty and inhibition. The goal isn't to try to overcome it overnight. The goal is to point to those things that you want to focus on.
  • You will be invited to, but are not required to participate in, a private forum/chat for this working (on my client Discord server). While community altar services do not generally come with any sort of intensive one-on-one consultation, there's a big element of this working that is intuitive and spirit-led on my part, and so I might have messages to share during the course of the working. And there's a good bit of space here that might involve you looking at some uncomfortable stuff, and while I am not a therapist, I don't want you to feel like you're totally alone in this if something comes up and you feel like you need to talk about it. I also share photos of work in progress in the private Discord channels if you like to see that sort of thing before the official end of the working.

Phase two, beginning on April 10th, focuses on courage and wisdom, with ritual elements to support participants' efforts to understand and ultimately reframe problematic recurring "pain" in the relevant astrological contact points - because this type of healing cannot be done passively.

  • This phase lasts for four weeks. You can, at any point during this phase, add to, modify, or reframe your initial "petition" and I will incorporate this revision, making any necessary individual adjustments to your particular set of lights being worked in this service, as long as I receive your "update" by May 5th.
  • If you have strong feelings about working with any particular saints or spirits, or *not* working with any particular saints or spirits, please mention these preferences in your intake form. There's a big element of this working that is intuitive and spirit-led on my part, but I will respect your preferences if you have them.

Phase three, beginning on May 9th, focuses on integration and strength, with ritual elements to support participants' healing processes going forward.

  • This phase lasts for a week, so officially this service concludes on May 16th.


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