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Divine Mercy Community Vigil Service, April 11th, 2021
Divine Mercy Community Vigil Service, April 11th, 2021

Divine Mercy Community Vigil Service, April 11th, 2021

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*If you are booking more than one service, or if you're purchasing tangible items in addition to booking services, please check out with each service separately if at all possible. It really makes my life a lot easier if one service = one order number and vice versa.

Have a glass-encased vigil light fixed, dressed, blessed, set on my altars, and burned continuously for you in a community altar work service commencing on the Feast of Divine Mercy.

Lights will be set the day of Sunday, April 11th. There is some wiggle room and you can join up after the work starts as long as you see that there are still spots left and it doesn't say "sold out."

The Feast of Divine Mercy, or Divine Mercy Sunday, is celebrated on the octave day of Easter, when God is said to offer total forgiveness of all sins and punishment to anyone who goes to confession and takes Communion that day. As part of the extended celebration of the paschal mystery, this day celebrates God's loving mercy and is known as a "refuge for sinners."

A particular image of Christ is used in this Divine Mercy celebration, given in a vision to Sister Faustina in the 1930s along with a devotional chaplet. The recitation of this chaplet is said to grant great mercy at the hour of death, and when the faithful say this chaplet in the presence of the dying, Christ will be present as the merciful savior rather than the just judge.

So this devotion can be helfpul to those struggling with a heavy burden of guilt that they seek relief from or forgiveness for. And it's also useful for those praying on behalf of loved ones who will not or cannot pray themselves, asking Christ's mercy and grace on their behalf in this life or the next.

The traditional prayers associated with this feast specify petitions on behalf of:

- all sinners

- priests and other religious

- devout and faithful souls

- those who do not believe in God

- those who have left the church

- the meek and humble souls and the souls of little children

- those who glorify Christ's mercy

- the souls in Purgatory

- those whose faith has become lukewarm

As part of this service, I will be praying the chaplet of Divine Mercy with special emphasis to the traditional general petitions as well as any specific petitions or intentions submitted by participants.

Please note that community altar work services do not come with individual readings/reports, though I will post at least one photo of the work to the Discord "forum," which you'll receive an invitation to after you book, and via email after the work's complete.


  • Vigil light setting service - a fixed, dressed, blessed vigil light candle set with your petition/intention along with other community members' candles, all of which will be burned, tended, and worked until their wax is consumed. Commercial vigil candles these days generally burn for about five days, though burn time can vary depending on a number of factors. I need your date of birth along with your statement of petition or intention. Photos are optional but welcome.
  • Prayers only - If you would like me to include your petition on your own behalf or that of a loved one, but you can't participate in the full vigil service with a specific light set for you and your petition, I'm happy to include you verbally in these prayers as I recite the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. You won't check out for this service since you aren't booking anything - you'll just fill out and submit an intake form just like you would if you'd booked the vigil service, and instead of an order number, just type "prayers only" in the applicable box. 


After you check out, fill out the intake form giving your order #, petition, the names of any people involved, and any photos you want me to use. 


By booking any light setting or altar work service, you are signifying that you have read, understood, and accepted the Terms of Service, to include the items delineated in the Client Agreement.

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