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Cool Mind Talisman Necklace - Sterling and Tibetan Silver
Cool Mind Talisman Necklace - Sterling and Tibetan Silver
Cool Mind Talisman Necklace - Sterling and Tibetan Silver
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Cool Mind Talisman Necklace - Sterling and Tibetan Silver

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  • Handmade item
  • Necklace length: 22 Inches
  • Pendant height: 1.5 Inches
  • Pendant width: .5 Inches
  • Materials: Pewter, Shell, Silver
  • Can be personalized: Yes

Focal point of this talisman necklace is its pearlized shell teardrop pendant adorned with a Tibetan silver bead cap + bail. Measures 1" high including bail. The cap is embossed and the relief brought out with an antiqued patina that subtly suggests an understated motif of gentle organic waves.

Accompanying the shell pendant is a small high-relief pewter cruciform charm with antique patina, This charm measures .5 inches by .5 inches.

Nestled in between them is a tiny sliver of a serpent charm stamped in brass. 22" necklace and jump rings are sterling silver.

We can't always have full control over our environments, especially not now in this brave new post-COVID world. Sometimes the best we can do is cultivate patience and detachment from the emotions of a situation. If your focus is bouncing everywhere and you're having trouble keeping your perspective, this necklace can be a helfpul part of your solution.

This charm necklace was made with care and ritual intent on my altars to help you maintain coolness of mind, a cool head, and allow you to rise above the fray if anxiety and stress are doing a number on everybody around you. Upon receipt of your personalization info (name, petition, situation), it will be further dressed, fixed, and blessed to your specifications and sent to you with "care and feeding" instructions.

I made this talisman in a ritual environment with rites, colors, and symbols appropriate to the lwa Damballah of Haitian sevis, in a setting to evoke his clarity, wisdom, equanimity, and deep sense of cosmic timing. Damballah is imperturbable and his perspective is all-encompassing to help you avoid losing yours. However, I did not formally dedicate this piece to him, so the wearer incurs no obligations and it can be used by anyone of any denomination (or none at all).

However, if you do serve the lwa, do know Damballah and what his sevis demands, and do want to involve him in this spiritual work, say so in your message to me after checkout. My custom finishing work will change in that case as will the care and feeding materials and instructions (though if you serve Damballah you don't need to hear them from me :) )

Because this piece is personalized and custom altar work is done on it, please allow 10 business days' handling time for me to perform this work and send out your new piece.

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