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Altar Work Intake

Thank you for booking your altar work service with me.

The intake form is embedded below. Once you submit it, you won't be taken to a different page - you'll just see a confirmation appear where the form was. You might have to scroll up a little bit to see it if you're on a tablet or phone. (If you have any problems, you can try going to the form's dedicated page and submitting from there instead.)

Your booking of any altar work, formally contracted or not, indicates acceptance of the site Terms of Service and general Client Agreement. Make sure you've read them carefully so you know what to expect. These explain turnaround times, limits of scope and guarantees, and options for cancellations and refunds, among other things.

Note: Honey jar altar work is contracted work, meaning we are both bound by the terms of the client rootwork contract for honey jar altar work. Make sure you read it and the service listing carefully so you know what you're agreeing to.