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Free Readings Intake Form

Fill out this intake form to get in line for a free reading. Anyone over the age of 18 who has not previously been banned or blocked may sign up.

Type of reading/method of divination will be at my discretion; I'm offering these so I can knock the rust off on a few methods I didn't touch for years, so I'll choose a suitable method based primarily on my needs and how a given method fits the parameters of your question or issue.

I will perform your reading when I have time to. I cannot tell you in advance when that might be. If the reading won't be of any use after a certain date, 1. please mention that in your intake form, and 2. be aware that I can't and won't make any promises about a delivery date for free readings, so if you need a reading on an issue with a critical deadline, you should have a backup plan for getting one.

Your reading will be posted to Big Lucky Hoodoo when it's complete so it can be available to cartomancy students for educational/training purposes. I will publish your question, or at least the gist of it, along with the reading, but any identifying info will be edited out. 

These are going to work best with fairly specific areas of focus - I'm not trying to pull half the cards in the deck to examine every angle of your life to try to pin down what you're really asking with something like, "Things just seem off." For best results, tell me what the "things" are and what you want to know.

At the same time, though, front-loading a whole list of ultra-specific questions you want specific answers to isn't gonna work too well either, e.g. "Does he love me? How does he feel about Maria? Are they going to break up? What does she have over him anyway? Is he going to forgive me? Why was he mad at me last year at that party? Will we get married?"

What's better:

"Things at home have been kind of off lately. It seems like we're always just a little out of sync with each other, in opposite moods, and the kids are fighting constantly. What's going on and how can I fix it?"

"Does this relationship with Jane have potential for commitment in the near future?"

"What should I be focusing on to advance in my career?"

Terms of Service and Client Agreement apply. Per the Terms of Service, I reserve the right to refuse service at my sole discretion.