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Consultation Intake Form

Thank you for booking your consultation with me. The intake form is embedded below. Once you submit it, you won't be taken to a different page - you'll just see a confirmation appear where the form was. You might have to scroll up a little bit to see it if you're on a tablet or phone.

All currently-available consultation options are shown at the bottom of the Readings & Consultations collection page. Go there and book first if you haven't booked yet. If you don't see a type of service listing there, that probably means I'm not currently offering it to the public (e.g. phone appointments).

You need to book your consultation by selecting it and checking out before you submit this intake form. The intake form's gonna ask for your order #. You won't have one if you haven't checked out, and if you submit a form without one, then it will go to "random new form limbo" in my database. And it could be a little while before I dig through everything in limbo, figure out what's going on, and match your intake info to the consultation you paid for -- or contact you to tell you that you need to pay for your session before I can do it.

Your booking this service signifies your acceptance of the Terms of Service and Client Agreement, so make sure you are caught up on what you agreed to!

- last update 7/30/21