Evil Eye Plushie, Custom Fixed Paket
Evil Eye Plushie, Custom Fixed Paket
Evil Eye Plushie, Custom Fixed Paket
Evil Eye Plushie, Custom Fixed Paket
Evil Eye Plushie, Custom Fixed Paket

Evil Eye Plushie, Custom Fixed Paket

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My daughter designed these "evil eye plushies" for a giveaway I did in 2015. She's all grown up and moved out now, and she took her sewing machine with her, so that means I'm hand-sewing these, so *that* means I'm only going to be making the smaller versions.

It also means these are not going to go in a museum anywhere as an exemplar of fine stitched handiwork. These will not win any beauty contests or prizes at the state fair. I can't promise nobody will ever look at this and go, "Wow, those stitches are kinda crazy!" But I can promise that each one will be made to order based on your petition and customization requests, from scratch, and will get my personal attention as I make it with appropriate and traditional herbs, curios, powders, and/or personal concerns.

Each one is hand-sewn to order, and their creation involves altar work, as well, so please allow 10 business days' handling time. That excludes weekends/holidays. See Shipping page for more info.

These are essentially cute, quirky pakets. A paket is something like a mojo bag, only in the tradition I work within, pakets can vary widely in size and shape. They are not usually bags with drawstrings. Rather, they are permanently tied, knotted, sealed, and/or sewn shut as part of the creation and activation, so you can't open it to add anything once you get it. We can discuss personal concerns after you check out, but if you really want to include something, you can always mail it to me to add before I sew it closed.

After you check out, you'll get an automated confirmation, then within 48 hours, an email directly from me to confirm your customization/petition. Please wait for this email to send customization requests.

Herbs/curios and other ingredients enclosed will vary depending on your petition. I can't guarantee that pets won't like some of them, so please keep this item away from pets (and it's not a children's toy either!)

Mixed fibers of mixed origin. At least one color is likely to be fleece fabric (the synthetic kind you make hats out of, not the kind you shave off a sheep) or felt. If you have fabric allergies or need a specific fabric content, please write me before ordering. Otherwise I cannot make any guarantees about fabric content.

Price includes loop or cord for hanging, all herbs/curios, incense, candles etc. used in its creation and during its altar work, a reasonable number of beads, charms, bells, mirrors or other "bling" (keeping cost and weight/structural integrity in mind; I reserve the right to determine what's "reasonable"), and care and feeding instructions.

MORE INFO / KEEP IN TOUCH:  Find more information on various spiritual products and their uses, plus over ten years' worth of articles about folklore, folk magic, and Deep South hoodoo, through the blog. You can also keep up with any issues that might affect shipping/processing times, read lots of articles on hoodoo, and sign up for our newsletter for subscriber-only goodies.

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